Where To Find Free High Quality Images For Your Blog Posts

One of the most important aspects of a blog post are visual elements. If your blog post doesn’t have at least one photo or graphic in it, then you’re leaving a lot of traffic on the table.

According to Hubspot.com, the brain processes visual elements 60,000 faster than text. What does this mean? This means that humans are naturally visual creatures, as 93% of all our communication is visual. So… how do you take advantage of this?

Simple. Watch this video now where I show you the top 3 places to get free, extremely high quality to use in your blogs.

By using visual elements in your blog post, you’ll find that your visitors stay for longer, they are more likely to read your post, and are even more likely to share it.

It simply grabs attention. That’s it.

It also gives your article a more professional vibe. Look at magazines and newspapers. Almost every article starts with an image, or has an image some where in it. It just works, and we are all hardwired by it! It’s plain old social conditioning mixed with biology.

But the biggest problem I see most people have in this area is finding the right images. Images that are high quality and not one of those “I took this with my gameboy” images.

Finding high quality and relevant images that are free to use is not an easy task. Most people want to get paid for their photos, so getting them for free is an especially bigger task. I explain how to easily find them in the video above.

The short of it? Images are great. They are great for social media, great for advertisements and will make you money in more ways than you know how. Finding the right ones that are relevant to your blog that are high quality will make your blog stand out, get more shares and in turn bring in more traffic.

Before you go, I want to share this with you. It’s Neil Patel’s guide to creating visually appealing content so that you can engage your audience, increase time on site and generate more traffic. It really helped me, so I’m sure it’ll help you out as well.

The Ultimate Guide to Creating Visually Appealing Content
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout

P.S. Where do you find YOUR images?  I’d love for you to share your tips and suggestions in the comments BELOW.


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